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It is so relaxing and peaceful to read your book. I feel so much better each time I have it in my hands. It is beautiful work. 
-- Mary Jo Mikels, Indianapolis, Indiana

I have just read "Creative Spirit Musings" by Cynthia L. Edwards. And, though I read every page from beginning to end, I have the feeling I am not finished with this book.

First: I enjoyed the read. Cynthia reached me on both practical and spiritual levels. She explores - not just presents - subjects that range from de-cluttering your life (and your soul), to the meaning of Christmas in a chaotic world, to the extraordinary subject of eternal happiness. Not bad, huh? But, best of all each illustration is steeped -- like a fine English tea -- in Biblical truth.

Second: This book inspired me. I feel a kindred spirit in her writing: a spirit that invites you to come along side and walk a bit together ... slowly ... comfortably. Like a good friend who seems to know what you need to hear before you ask the question. This spirit-friend gently inspires and enriches you. There is so much here I know I will need to read it again to get everything it can offer me. That is why ...

Third: I know I will be back to thumb through these pages again. Cynthia has created a fine piece of literature that is also a reference book. The Biblical truths, the depth of her of understanding and the clarity of thought in these essays will withstand many return visits.

Buy this book. I think will be one of your favorites ... for a long time to come.

-- William Bruce McFadden, McKinney, Texas

Clear, enlightening, and most of all satisfying... It's a book to savor.

-- M.K., Plano, Texas

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